How are GYROTONIC© and GYROKINESIS© exercises different?

Gyrokinesis methodology was developed before any of the equipment was produced. It is a series of movements done on a stool and a mat that provides complete stimulation for the entire body. Gyrotonic methodology uses specialized exercise equipment. A typical Gyrotonic session will include some Gyrokinesis exercises (usually done as a warm up) before progressing to the equipment for the remainder of the workout. We often ask out clients to do Gyrokinesis exercises as a homework program in between their sessions. Clients might also take a weekly Gyrokinesis class so they can fine tune the movements.

How often should I do GYROTONIC© and GYROKINESIS© exercises?

We recommend 2-3 workouts per week. That could mean coming in to the studio twice a week and then doing homework program once a week on your own. It could mean a combination of Gyrokinesis group classes and Gyrotonic private lessons. Or, it could be mean just taking private lessons. Every person’s needs are different. What is important is that you participate in the activity a few times a week so that your body has a chance to assimilate the new information.

What are the benefits of GYROTONIC© exercise for elite athletes?

These exercises imrpove qualities of speed, power, accuracy, adaptability, and grace. They also break down barriers related to effort, inefficiency of movement, and injury prevention. In addition, these exercises help athletes learn how to best articulate, distribute force, and share physical loads on their bodies.

Why should I start with private instruction?

We recommend beginning with a few private sessions for two reasons. First, we need to use your first few sessions as a way to evaluate the skills and/or challenges you’re coming in with, gain an understanding of what your goals are, and observe how the exercise affects your body. Second, we use a variety of teaching methods including; verbal guidance, imagery, and hands-on cueing. With gentle touch we can help guide our clients into a better form and sometimes into a place they couldn’t find on their own. With private sessions, you receive the total attention of the instructor and get the guidance and support you really need.

Can you do GYROTONIC© exercises if you are totally out of shape?

Absolutely! We are skilled at making the basics accessible to everyone and providing the right level of challenge to each of our clients. We have many pieces of equipment and a huge vocabulary of exercises to choose from. It is never too late to start Gyrotonic training.

What is the difference between the GYROTONIC© method and Pilates?

Pilates and the Gyrotonic method are each complete systems of mind-body movement. Pilates is more linear and focuses on core strength, proper body mechanics, alignment and building long muscles that are flexible as well as toned. Gyrotonic movement is three-dimensional and circular. It too strengthens the body’s core muscles from the inside out. However, there is more focus on moving from a strong connection to the body’s energy centers and then trying to “free” the body. Gyrotonic movement develops increased functional strength and flexibility, while developing coordination, neuromuscular control and re-shaping the body.